Biennale di Firenze – BIAF 2019 – XXXI Edition

We are going to attend the XXXI edition of the beautiful Biennale di Firenze that will take place inside the historical Palazzo Corsini, FLorence.
We will commint our space at the fair to a carefull selection of artworks ranging from the early XVI century to the the late XVIII century, more information coming soon.

In the picture above, you can take a look at a detail extracted from one of the paintings we’ll exhibit at BIAF 2019. The event was painted by Giovan Battista Vanni (Pisa, 1599 – Florence, 1660) and depicts a countryside hunting scene nerby Barberino di Mugello.The canvas was probably realized around 1641-44.
In this detail, it is immediately identifiable the figure of Cardinal Giovan Carlo de’ Medici (1611-1663) who, while riding his horse, is caught glancing at the viewer. On the left, we can see another important figure, that of Monsignor Lorenzo Corsi (1601-1656), commisioner of the artwork and close friend of the Cardinal with whom he shared a great interest for collectionism and patronage of the arts.

For more informatio regarding the XXXI Biennale di Firenze, please visit their official website at: