Artemisia Gentileschi – Francesca Baldassari Interview

Francesca Baldassari, interviewed by Arte Più, describes “Artemisia Gentileschi e il suo Tempo,” with regard to the exhibition dedicated to the Roman paintress and held at Palazzo Braschi – Rome, during the Winter season 2016-17.

A large exhibit which retraces Artemisia Gentileschi’s personal and artistic life, and that dedicates specific areas within the exhibition to the important lapses of time she spent in Rome, Florence, Venice, London, and Naples. The exhibit gathers her most important masterpieces: Susanna e i Vecchioni, Giuditta e Oloferne (normally kept at the Uffizi of Florence), her self portrait as Lute player, and the important portrait of the Dama con il Ventaglio. Her works of art are surrounded by those of whom she was inspired by and from whom she derived her art, starting with her father Orazio Gentileschi, along with many other associates and contributors.

Furthermore, the exhibition retreces Artemisia’s stilistic and pictorial changes: from the soft and clear caravaggism to the enrichment of her palette, the taste for the traditions and decorum, and of course the sophistication learned during the period spent in Florence.